What you LIKE v What you WANT


If you truly live in the present then you won’t waste time doing things you don’t want to do. Which brings up the question; if you only do what you want, then you will never get what you need to do done.  I think this question confuses what we like doing with what we want to do.  So let’s look at the difference between what we like and what we want.

Now the boundary between what we like and what we want is fuzzy to say the least but I will try to simplify the concept.

The things we like doing often have many positive outcomes like lifting the happiness chemicals in our brain. Many “like to do’s” have other positive outcomes like exercise, relaxation/stress relief, creative stimulation, etc.  Some of our “like to do’s” can be physically or mentally destructive…and as individuals we need (or want) to evaluate those more destructive likes.

Sometimes we are able to incorporate our “like to do’s” with our work, which is a delightful outcome. Sometimes the things we like to do remain purely leisure or hobby activities.  These activities can give us an outlet from the more tedious side of life and create a better life balance.

On the other hand the things we want to do are not necessarily things we like doing. For example, you may not like going to the dentist but if you have a toothache you probably will want to go.  The things we want to do are often driven by greater desires or goals.  In the progress of achieving a desired goal we will often want to do things we don’t like, to achieve the stepping stones to that outcome.

Therein lays the discipline required to achieve our vision of success. Whatever it may be that you want to achieve will have elements in it that you don’t like as well as elements you do like.  So it depends on how much you want the outcome to whether you are able to do the components you don’t like to achieve it.

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