Prophesy of Failure


Fear of failure is a particularly debilitating state of mind, it can and does freeze you in your tracks.  The problem is that the fear of failure is a self-fulfilling prophesy as it is destined to succeed.

If you succumb to the fear of failure then you do nothing to change your circumstances, or nothing to achieve that goal or desire that you would like to achieve – because you are afraid of failing.  But that is the point…if you do nothing because you are frightened it won’t work, then it won’t work and you will fail.

So, you have proven yourself right and you have succeeded in failing!

Let’s try a different scenario.  If you have a go at the thing that you are frightened of failing at…and you fail, well you haven’t lost anything because you are no worse off than if you didn’t try in the first place.

However, it is highly likely that you learned something on the way to failing.  So at the very least you will be wiser and/or more knowledgeable than you would have been if you hadn’t had a go.  So that learning is a definite written-in guaranteed bonus!

On the other hand, there is always the risk…oh we don’t like risk…that you might succeed.  Then you will have proven your fear of failure wrong, you will have failed at failure.  This might make “success” an uncomfortable place.  Maybe you don’t know what you would do with success if you got it?

Are you aware that the majority of people who win large lottery prizes have none of it left in 5 years?  Ouch!

This is how fear of failure is so closely related to fear of success.  They are not separate issues; they are the same, both sides of the one coin so to speak.  Our subconscious mind is so comfortable with what it is accustomed to.  Whilst our conscious mind is aware of what could be possible.

This is why and how we keep perpetuating the same mistakes…and then feel so confused, because we thought we knew better.  We did know better consciously, but unconsciously we seek the familiar because it is comfortable.

By knowing this we can start to look at our history differently.  And in the repetition of our mistakes and failures we can start to see the pattern of a different kind of success.

When we can stand back and start to see this pattern or design, it is at that point we can appreciate the story differently.  Then there is the opportunity to understand the plot and from there, start to write the next chapter with a movement toward a different ending.

© 2016 – Marie Rose

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