The Power To Change Your Outcome


I had the opportunity to attend a play the other night that was put on by a well-respected theatre group based in Heidelberg, Melbourne.  The reason for my invitation was that the assistant director is my nephew (and Godson).  The invitation was sprung on me suddenly and my circumstances around attending this play were not ideal. Let me share….

I have very recently commenced a new position which requires me to commute and stay in Melbourne 2 days per week (I live on the NSW border, Murray River territory).  Whilst I am pleased to have this position it does interfere with other business activities that I have, and as such I generally take my own work with me to Melbourne to complete in the evenings.  This trip was no exception, and I had some time sensitive work with me which was feeding my natural anxiety affliction.  On top of this it was “end of month” which creates quite a bit of pressure at my new Melbourne position.

All in all, attending a play was really the last thing I wanted to do!

I was feeling travel weary, I was tired, I was stressed and thinking about that time sensitive project that wasn’t getting done.  I felt obliged to go to the play. However, I also was pleased to get the opportunity to see one of my nephew’s plays as I had never had the chance to do so, living so far away.

Can you relate to this scenario?  That sense of pressure coming from every direction, and trying to be all things at once.  You get it all done, you see it through, but you feel frazzled and grumpy doing it.

So that was me, I arrived at the theatre cool and collected, exchanging pleasantries, but actually feeling totally frazzled and grumpy.  The play was a comedy and I was thinking to myself I could do with a laugh, it better be funny!  As you could imagine, I am sitting in theatre and the play starts, I am in this Adrenalin fed grumpy mindset and the play just all seemed very silly. Grump, grump!

That’s when I thought, I have a choice.  We always have a choice.  We may feel limited by the circumstances around us but we are always in control of the ultimate outcome from those circumstances.

I changed my mindset.  I told myself, “You cannot change the fact that you are here so resign yourself to it and relax”.  I then asked myself, “What is a good outcome that could happen from being here”?

I then relaxed.  I focused on how good it was to be able to be there and support my nephew.  That this opportunity had arisen while I was on one of my Melbourne trips and I didn’t have to make any extra effort, how lucky was that.

The play then started to be entertaining and funny.  I became so much more aware.  I started to appreciate what a brilliant job these actors were doing.  I started to notice the little nuances that each actor was bringing to their performance to engage the audience.  Then, as a bonus, after interval my seating was changed and I was able to sit next to my nephew for the second half.  It was a great play, and I had a wonderful time.

I didn’t get to bed until 1.30am and I was concerned about how tired I was going to be working the next day.  But the next day went smoothly and despite being tired I achieved a great deal and even drove home that evening, a 4 hour journey.

A mindset of resistance burns a lot of energy, it makes us tired, and stressful periods become more challenging.  Resistance prevents you from experiencing the fun and pleasures of life.  Resistance also prevents you from gaining the wisdom and lessons available from the experience.

Life is full of the unexpected, inevitabilities, and situations that can’t easily be dodged.  Like Monday morning staff meetings, or parent-teacher nights.  All mixed in with the pressures of your day to day.  But the outcome of these circumstances is yours to create.  Ask yourself; what is the most useful attitude I can take right now and what possible positive outcome could occur?

You always have the power to transform the circumstance from the inside and create a positive outcome for yourself.  You create that outcome by the way you view the situation, which subtly affects the energy you give out.

That change not only alters what you become more aware of, it also alters the response from the world around you.  Whilst in reality it may seem very difficult to always be in that positive mind set, it is actually the contrast that teaches you where to find that positive state by challenging you to find a different and more useful perspective.

Marie Rose

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