Horror Movie


For those of you who are not in Australia, you may not be aware of a famous Oz rock group from the 70’s called Skyhooks.  They had a hit called “Horror Movie” and it was all about the 6.30pm news.  That was back in the days when we had our daily news bulletins and we set aside that time, usually dinner time, to watch that day’s news.

Things have changed dramatically since then and we now have “Horror Movie” TV stations that broadcast news all day long (and night too).  There are merits to these news stations and the phone aps etc. as they give us the opportunity to stay in touch with what is happening in the world at a time that is convenient for us.  And I have no objection to catching up with a bit of news a couple of times a day and being abreast of what is happening out there.  But stop there!

The news has become a reality TV drama using the pain and suffering of others as a form of entertainment.  No different from watching a soap opera or a horror movie for entertainment.  It can make us numb to true compassion.

Most of the time, most of us can do very little to actually be of assistance to the suffering that is happening in other places.

What we can do is recognise what we have ourselves, and to experience gratitude for being in our space.  We can express that gratitude by taking each day and each opportunity that comes before us, and embracing our life and living it to the fullest capacity we are capable of right now.

The greatest way we can show gratitude for a gift is to use it…do not fall into the trap of feeling guilty because you have it and someone else doesn’t.  There has always been dreadful suffering in the world, and for now, there always will be.  Stay focused on your life, build upon it and strengthen your presence.  Be the brightest light that you are able to be in any given moment.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

(~ John 1:5 RSV)

Regardless of our circumstances, who we are or where we find ourselves, the only thing we do have complete control over is our attitude.  It is via our attitude that we are able to contribute to the light energy of the Earth.  That pool of light energy is then available to all of us to draw from.  And it is available to those who are working with the light to bring peace to those who otherwise find themselves in a situation where there appears to be very little light around.


Now, for a bit of light relief, here is Skyhooks and “Horror Movie”.

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