Ego and Self Worth


Who am I…?

Who are you…?

Have a brain storm and make a list.  What comes out?

On your list you may have your name, your profession, your family status etc.

Are these you?  Or are these labels that describe how you are expressing your life at this time.

These labels can become the pegs upon which we hang our identity and our self-worth.  We then measure our self-worth by our perceived outer success in life.  How much money do you earn?  How big is your house?  What is your education?  Etc. etc.

But these labels are just that, labels.  They belong to our ego.  Now our ego is not a bad thing.  It is the shell which protects us and gives us functionality in the real world as we know it.  The problem is when our ego takes control and we come to relate our essence with that outer functionality.  Our self-worth then becomes vulnerable to the mishaps of life.

We may lose our job or have to change our career path.  We may lose our home in a disaster.  Or worse still, we may have challenges with our health.  All these things, while worthy of heart felt grief, do not define who we are and therefore do not take away from us our truest self-worth.

Think of a baby.  It has not yet developed any of these labels.  A baby is a human life full of pure potential.  We are drawn to naturally nurture and protect babies.  And we have laws in our society that demand that babies & children are nurtured and protected.  Yet, we don’t know “who” that baby is.  We care for that young human because it is a human; we inherently recognise the worth of its human essence.

As adults, that human essence is not lost!  It is simply hidden behind that shell which is our ego functionality.  If we can recognise that then we will never flounder for our self-worth.  We will recognise that the ego is simply the functionality we bring to life and the world around us.

Ego is how we contribute and as such it is under our control and its labels can be arranged or rearranged as we choose based on our life experience and our desire to adapt to the circumstances around us.  However, ego is never our essence and it is our essence that has value regardless of how we express our functional contribution to this life.

© 2016 Marie Rose

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