Happiness Is In

Happiness is in the ‘ing.

Have you ever noticed how some people, who seem to have everything in the world they could possibly want are miserable, yet others who seem to have very little can be so full of joy?

It would appear that happiness is not attached to the having of any specific object or of financial gain.  The ownership of a particular object may bring you satisfaction or pride but it doesn’t bring happiness in itself.  Financial gain can certainly offer more opportunities for freedom and self-expression, but the happiness itself is free.

It’s not what you obtain, but what you are doing, thinking and feeling that brings happiness. Happiness is not static, it is the vibrational response to your feeling regarding a particular situation or thought.  Happiness only dwells in the present moment.

You don’t get happiness from the new car you just bought, you get happiness from taking it for a drive to your favourite picnic place, or cruising around sightseeing, or driving around town and showing off your new car to your friends.  It is the activity you partake in with the car that creates happiness, not the car itself.

Does this sound familiar?  “I’ll be happy when…”

When we think that we will be happy when…., we actually won’t be happy at all because by then we will have formulated another “I’ll be happy when…”  There is nothing wrong with creating a new desire to move forward with, but it is not the desire, or lack of the desire, that makes you happy or unhappy.

Happiness is in the doing, in the current moment, in your attitude.  You can only be happy when you are doing, therefore, you can be happy planning and partaking in the activities (or work) to obtain the money to buy the car.  And then you can be happy using the car.  This can be applied to anything, even a relationship.  It is not the new hunk of a boyfriend (or spicy new girlfriend) you just got involved with that you plan to turn into a partner that makes you happy…it is the action of enjoying the relationship that makes you happy.

In fact the plans you make can bring you anxiety, not happiness.  Happiness projected creates anxiety, not happiness.  Happiness only dwells in the present moment and is connected to the activity you are doing in the present moment.  What you are doing includes what you are thinking and how you are feeling about that thinking.

While you may not always appear to have complete control over what you are doing, you do have control over what you are observing or focusing on about what you are doing.  You have control over what you are thinking and control over what you are feeling.

Regardless of whether you are driving around town in your new car, working at your job or simply sitting on your veranda with a hot cuppa enjoying the autumn sunshine.  The essence of happiness is found in the enjoyment of what you are doing, thinking and feeling right now in the present moment.

Marie Rose