One Day In Orlando


I am writing this a few days after the happening at Orlando, Florida.  I say happening, not any stronger descriptive word because I feel the need to start changing the vibration.  To come from a place of love…cause oh there is so much love needed.

If I could make a wish today it would be that there were no “sides”.  That everyone could dress as they like, express their love as they like, practice whatever religion they like, follow whatever footy team they like.  That there were NO SIDES!  That we were all on the same side; the side of humanity.

Imagine if we could actually enjoy the differences we express and share those differences with respectful fascination.  How interesting the world would be.

Just imagine for a moment a world full of all the different people sharing their different ideas, different beliefs.  Sharing the different foods they eat and everyone joining in on all the different cultural celebrations.  Not being threatened, not being coerced into changing the way you think.  Just experiencing, learning and understanding.

Respect for everyone, for the divine spark of life each of us is.

If we all could treat everyone the way that we want to be treated ourselves…then no one would hurt anyone, ever.  But I know we are a long way from that at the moment.

I know there are “sides”, there are wars and there is suffering.  Right now it just seems to be the way it has to be.

I know that today we still have to defend ourselves.  Defend the right for someone like me to express these opinions openly.  Defend the right for someone like you to read this and freely agree or disagree with what I am saying.  Defend, because there are many in the world who actively do not allow this.

For that right, for that freedom, I am truly grateful.  It is in that gratitude that I wish, pray, dream, envisage, that we could have a world of peace, gratitude and respect.

I take a deep breath and resolve to shine a little bit of light every day, the best I can do that day, right here where I am.  I invite you to consider doing the same.

You may see me as a dreamer, and right now I would agree with you.  But maybe if we could all hold on to that dream then maybe one day we might make it happen.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one”
(Imagine ~ John Lennon)

May the divine within you and the divine without you, bless you.


Here’s a moment to dream…with John