Hi there…WELCOME!

I’m Marie Rose and I would like to thank you for visiting Xpress2success.com

I hope you will mull around for awhile.

Yes, we here at Xpress2success.com are new to the internet space but we are not new in the game of life.  As coaches it is our desire to assist you with your game in life.  Between us we have over 125 years experience in owner operated business, family, and personal development training.


X; is for the crossroads that we are constantly facing as we journey through life.

Press; is for life pressing on in the passage of time.

X & press; is for the expression that we seek in finding the true definition of our self.  It is also for the express route we are able to take once we are aware of our true expression.

2; is the union from expression to the actualising of the success that we want in our life.  2 is also for recognition of our duality…being spiritual beings living a human life.

Success; is what you define it to be!  Not what your family or peers or society expect you to achieve.



Our mission here at Xpress2success.com is to assist you to:

  • Define your image of success in all areas of life
  • Develop pathways to achieving that success

There will be regular postings about personal development, health and wellness, and business tips.  Please check out these articles which you will find listed on the right hand side of the page , I’m certain you will find them fascinating –>

From time to time we will make available to you various products and services that we believe will assist with your journey to your success.



Coach & Consultant

  • Personality & spirituality specialist


Homoeopath & Herbalist

  • Health & wellness specialist


Life Coach

  • Business specialist

My personal message…

I am building this site personally myself.  While I admit I have very good computer literacy I am new to websites and cyber space in general.  So I hope you enjoy having a laugh with me as I fumble my way with a steep learning curve (more like a cliff face actually).

My main message to you in confessing this is to point out…life can be scary but the satisfaction is in having a go.  To try things out, to learn new things, and give the best of ourselves to those who want to receive it.  The old cliché about caring and sharing, is true.

So I hope you will stick around and become part of this growing and nurturing community.

You can grab a copy of the Science of Getting Rich here.  This has been newly formatted and is a pleasure to read.  Not only is the Science of Getting Rich the original Law of Attraction (and simplest) book, it describes a noble way of life that can bring more meaning and purpose to yourself and those around you.  It will become your go back to reference as you journey on your personal development path.

Here’s to expressing your success, your way!

With love and blessings,